Episode 3: Dan Ostrosky on How to Create Continuous Growth in your Operations and Supply Chain Strategies

Featuring Stacy Scharer and Dan Ostrosky

Welcome back to another episode of the TL&Co Toolbox! In this week's episode, Stacy is joined by Dan Ostrosky, a Senior Executive with over 20 years of experience galvanizing operations and supply chain strategies for Fortune 500 organizations leading to multimillion-dollar cost savings and revenue streams.


0:00 - 2:13 Introduction of Dan Ostrosky and his background in Global Supply Chain Management

2:22 - 3:46 Dan dives into the benefits of investing in data and analytics that support the strategies and partnerships that are critical for growth

4:12 - 6:02 Dan explores the importance of maintaining strategic partnerships with suppliers to manage an ever-evolving flow of supply and demand

6:45 - 8:23 Dan shares why investing in a relationship-based supply chain management approach is key to opening up new opportunities to improve, change, and redesign products and processes for continuous growth

8:30 - 10:04 Stacy and Dan explore the Total Landed Cost Model as a critical tool for successful supply chain management, as well as how to apply it in your business

10:13 - 13:20 Stacy and Dan discuss going beyond data tools and leaning on Subject Matter Experts as well as a continuous improvement approach to gain new insights and support business growth

14:14 - 16:41 Dan shares how looking at the "why" of your spending can drive creative changes beyond tactical procurement and help you see positive improvements

17:31 - 18:56 Dan answers Stacy's final question: "If you could create a billboard with anything written on it, what would it say?"

18:56 - 19:10 Conclusion

Tune in to the TL&Co Toolbox...